Living out among the rural woodlands of southern New England, I would consider myself fortunate to also be only a 10 minute drive from the pristine shoreline of the Atlantic ocean. Where during quiet summer nights I can sometimes be found surfcasting (shore fishing) for the ever elusive Striped Bass. Or perhaps you might find me hiking the many trails near my house searching for wildlife and undiscovered terrain, with my digital camera in tow.


My parents influence in the way I look at life is ever evident. As my mother was both an artist (illustrator) and a chef, with a great love of nature and the outdoors in the mix. I am now constantly searching for new ideas and seem to always be looking for the beauty and detail in those things around me. With my fathers critique and unwavering patience, I have been able to obtain and keep my most valued of treasures, my family. With his editorial skills, I endeavor to get it written, if not always right.

It is perhaps my parents many years of travel and living abroad, and of their passing along that knowledge to me of other cultures and ideas, that have helped me to keep such an open minded view when looking in other directions.

Working for a living

After high school my family moved to Rhode Island. And I soon found myself working for a local wholesale lobster business where I would unload boats, sort the catch and package it for shipping. I would then move on to work out on the boats themselves, both inshore and offshore as a commercial fisherman. Commercial fishing would provide me with a trade that I would fall back on often over the next 20 years.

Intermittently I would move on to learn a few other trades as well, including working in the tree service business where I eventually earned my arborists licence. And also into construction, spending most of my time in the masonry trade.

Leading to this

Purchasing my first computer (used) back in 1994 (a screaming 33 MHz machine with a whopping 8 megs of RAM) I felt I was on the frontline of technology! And within the year I started to build my first web site after teaching myself some basic HTML.

I would keep that web site alive and well for the next six years. Learning to use and create my own graphics. At the same time learning how to organize and manage a site that would end up being one of the largest marine information sites in the northeast.

I would later move on to working for an international .COM web site (based out of Wall Street) for 6 months. Where my duties as a Web Tech would include search engine strategist, graphics, layout and contributor contact rep, to name just a few. I had found it to be a excellent experience.

I have not finished school yet (college), I don't know if I ever will. I still like to sign up for classes now and again, when I find one of interest and I have the time. Perhaps someday I'll get that sheep skin.

Recently I have been encouraged to do more with the photographs I've taken while out on my walk-abouts, hence the web site. I hope to continue along these lines as an amateur and see where they lead.

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The Photo below is a picture taken of me back in Sept. 2004, atop Hopper Mt. (Stony Ledge), to my left would be Mt. Greylock (Mass). And behind me (to the north), under the clouds is the Vermont Southern boarder.